Start: October 8, 2023

My Seven Years with Jeru

Closing down 25 years of Tsuki. What’s next? Before life will give its answer to this question, I would like to give a special workshop to those connected to me and Tsuki and actively practicing the Clarity Process. A serious workshop! Which doesn’t mean there will be nothing to laugh about.

About the workshop

As a framework for this workshop, I would like to go through the 7 years that I had with Jeru. This gives me the opportunity to share my personal experience of my journey with him, and also share some of the exercises and processes that were highlights for me, and ones that I didn’t share until now in my own teaching. Yes, there still are! So on the one hand it will be a kind of normal Clarity Process workshop, where the spiritual unfolding of all present is what it’s all about. And at the same time it will be a bit different than my usual teaching.

Who can join?

As I will also be sharing from my Inner Core years with Jeru, it is necessary that you are familiar with that level and skilled in using the tools by yourself and with others. So basically people who have done the Inner Core with me or workshops at that level. Have you not been able to do that kind of workshops with me? I’m organizing a two week retreat in March 2023 for advanced practitioners. This will give you access to the October workshop as well. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Bettenburg is a wonderful place. They have been hosting us since 2010! Thew castle stands alone on a hill, in the middle of an enchanting old landscape park. It has a romantic courtyard and a large terrace with a magnificent view over the surrounding country. They have a vast variety of rooms, ranging from spacious almost apartment like rooms in the main building, to smaller rooms in the annexes and even dormitories for those with a tight budget. Schloss Bettenburg Manau 22 97461 Hofheim i.UFr. Germany

How to get there?

Bettenburg is easy to reach by car. Navigation system: type in ‘Manau’ and from there follow the signs. The nearest train station is Hassfurt. There is a bus stop in front of the Hassfurt train station that brings you to Hofheim (post office). Please let Bettenburg know your arrival time in Hofheim (Phone: 0(049) 9523 503451), and they will pick you up with their bus.


This special workshop I will do on donation basis. We ask you to pay € 50 at registration for the basic organization costs. A box for your donation will be present at the workshop. Please book your room directly at Bettenburg <>! Go to for the available rooms and prices.

Taetske KleijnTaetske Kleijn

Taetske was Jeru Kabbal’s student during the last 7 year of his life. In 1996 she finished the Clarity Teacher Training with him and founded the Tsuki meditation centre in 1998. After a shift in consciousness she decided to give up her musical career to be fully available to pass on this beautiful and at the same time very practical way towards truth and liberation. “What is really nice, is that Taetske is quite sober. Very loving, but also sharp as a razor.”

In a nutshell

Clarity Process Workshop ‘My Seven Years with Jeru’

StartSunday October 8, 2023 16:00 h
EndWednesday October18, 2023 14:00 h
DetailsSpecial workshop for Taetske’s students. Organization and communication:
FeeDonation + € 50 for registration & organization
You are a (former) Inner Core member, or practicing with at that intensity and joining the March 2023 retreat
TrainerTaetske Kleijn
OrganizationAkki Colenbrander,, +31 6 2123 6701
LocationSchloss Bettenburg, Hofheim in Unterfranken

Yes, I ‘d like to join!