Sunday May 2, 2021  10 am

Quantum Light Breath live stream

Heal body, mind and soul. Allow emotion, stress and tension to come to the surface through the breath. Free your life energy.

A YouTube live stream delivers surprisingly good sound quality, 100% privacy, and no hassle with settings. You open the link in your browser, put on your headphones or connect to your speakers, and that’s it!

It is very special to be lifted during meditation by the tangible connection, without being able to see each other and without being in the same space. Although we also are of course! The space of the shared now.

It is a live event. The stream cannot be listened to afterwards.

“I enjoyed it so much! The group energy really helps.”

“It was beautiful. And effective!! My speakers got loose, but it was fortunately at a time when it didn’t bother me. There was one song that suddenly touched me and I screamed it out. That was a big relief. Very different than if I do it with a CD.”

“Thank you, I loved it! I could feel the others. That made it very different from doing it alone at home. It went much deeper.”

“I really enjoyed it a lot – very good sound quality and beautifully guided and organized – thank you. Doing it simultaneously in a group makes a big difference, even when we only share the very ‘big’ room. There is a connection that enhances the process. The chat function is also really useful for immediate feedback.”


At home!


Sunday May 2 at 10 am

Other dates are February 7 and March 21

What do you need?

A solid internet connection, speakers or wireless headphones, privacy.

Make sure you can adjust the sound volume during the QLB. Every computer and headset is differently calibrated. Sometimes you have to turn soft parts a bit louder, sometimes loud parts a bit softer.


€ 20,-

For who?

For experienced QLB-ers. This means you have done a QLB course or a Clarity Process workshop of a week or longer.

Technical problems?

Contact Nyncke at or +31-6-23244075

Taetske KleijnAbout Taetske Kleijn

Taetske was Jeru Kabbal’s student during the last 7 year of his life. In 1996 she finished the Clarity Teacher Training with him and founded the Tsuki meditation centre. After a shift in consciousness in 1999 she decided to give up her musical career to be fully available to pass on this beautiful and at the same time very practical path towards truth and liberation.

“What is really nice, is that Taetske is quite sober. Very loving, but also sharp as a razor.”

In a nutshell

QLB live on YouTube


DateSunday May 2, 2021
TimeFrom 10 am to 11.30 am
DetailsThrough YouTube live stream
Costs€ 20,-
LevelExperienced QLB-ers
TrainerTaetske Kleijn
LocationAt home

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