Clarity Process Retreat ‘Golden Wings – Blue Sky’

The perfect mixture of inner work and connection with the moment, for an impressing journey on the way to myself. A wonderful experience which I will never forget, and which I can recommend to everybody.


After these three weeks I deeply realized it is all there, right here in me – the peace, the stillness,  the moment…I might not always be in smooth accordance with it but just the knowledge that it is there nevertheless, is enough. The three weeks taught me to be kind and even kinder to myself, they build the rock on which I keep on dancing with existence,  learning to trust it more and more.  The three weeks are actually just the start of the voyage…

Why would I recommend it…?
Because the only way to inner peace and your true you is through you…and these three weeks are your vessel.


Although I didn’t ‘enjoy’ the island meditation, it had a profound impact on my system. It was a wonderful feeling to be reborn after this 3 days and 3 nights. Everything came in so intense! And I was a totally new person. All my programs had calmed down and I was so much in connection with the moment, that I sometimes have a desire to be in that state again ;o) There was a calmness that I had never felt before, a state I would call ‘without fear’. At home it stayed also for a while. I would love to do it again and be more in the ‘enjoying’ during the meditation.


I realized I had always been tough on myself and others, I learned that it was fine and even very nice to be more soft and open. I learned about compassion and about gratefulness and I even allowed myself to feel fear. I started to understand that all these feelings of irritation, anger, sadness, loneliness and even fear had nothing to do with the present, but much more with my memories of the past.

And now? I am still struggling sometimes, but at least now I am clear about the struggling and I am compassionate about it to my subconscious me, not as angry or harsh to myself or others as I used to be. And much, much more relaxed and loving, even though my strategies still get the better of me every now and again.


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